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Small Business Owners...

We don't need to be Donald Trump!

Small Business
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Welcome to small_business

This community is a place for all small business owners to come and talk about there business ventures.

As of right now. membership is open to all!!

A couple of rules to follow. People are here to post information. Whether you agree with the information or not, no debating is allowed. This is not what this community is about. If you have something rude to say to anyone, or if you keep pressing an issue that doesn't need to be pressed you will be removed from here. I want to keep it non-confrontational in here. Were all here to learn, and no body has the right to instigate LJ drama.

With that being said, welcome to the community and please feel free to post any and all information regarding anything thats business oriented! Lets make this community active!

your moderator is madre_bella